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Here's some FAQ's regarding the church-wide process we are inviting you into...

by Brad Sumner on August 25, 2023

Online Assessment: Listening to God Together

Starting last Sunday and ending on Sunday, September 10, we are gathering the perspectives from everyone who calls JRCC home or who has called JRCC home in the past year via an online assessment. This tool has been developed and used extensively by a ministry called the Titus Connection that resources leaders and churches enabling them to listen to God and discern their next steps.  You can find the video of Dave's presentation on August 20 here (the intro begins at 1:26:45).  

The goal of this assessment is to help facilitate a listening process not only between the congregation and us as leadership, but more importantly, between us as a community and the invitations that God is putting in front of us at this time.

Once the majority of people who call JRCC home have completed the assessment, our facilitator, Dave Jackson, will collate the information and will invite everyone to a meeting on September 24 at 6pm to prayerfully process what has been heard. Please place this date and time on your Sept calendar.

A few notes about the assessment:

  • The assessment has five sections and takes 25 minutes or so to complete. 
  • Please note that you must complete the assessment in one sitting. Once your leave the URL, you will not be able to re-enter and pick up where you left off.  
  • We want to assure you of confidentiality and that the demographic data collected is very generic and will be used by Dave only to help identify general trends.
  • We want to allow you time to think about your answers and so we have provided a blank PDF copy of the 11 pages here so that you can spend time prayerfully engaged prior to opening up the survey. We will also have paper copies available at the Welcome Centre on Sunday AM.

Your participation will be a gift to our church and help us discern how we follow God into our fall season of ministry and beyond. You will find some of the questions difficult. Do not become concerned. Unanswered questions are as valuable as answered questions.

Our facilitator, Dave, is also available to meet with anyone who wants to reach out to him. His cell number and email as well as the link to the survey URL were provided in an email to all previous and present attendees.  Feel free to reach our to our office if we missed you and we can either answer your question(s) or direct you to someone who can.  

With gratitude for your engagement,

Your JRCC Elders Team

(James Carpenter, Jared Crossley, Mark Hastie, Katy Kwon, Denise McFarland. Brady Ash (ex-officio), Brad Sumner (ex-officio), Jenna Tulman (ex-officio))

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