One of our core values is Glocal (global and local) Service. 

One of the ways that Jericho Ridge is living this out during the pandemic is by amplifying our financial support for our on-the-ground global partners.  While we are not sending a team in 2023 to Central America, we are still committed to helping the people of Guatemala.  

Imagine: A Story of How You Can Help deliver Dignity 

Imagine this. You come from a family where your father works 12-16 hours a day in the heat of the cane fields and barely brings home enough money to purchase corn and dried beans to feed your family. Your house has a dirt floor. Your mother cooks over an open fire inside your home. Cooking fire smoke coats the walls, hangs in the air and degrades your mom’s eyesight. Sometimes you have electricity for light. 

During your big brother’s home birth your aunt did her best but, unknown to her, there were umbilical cord problems and your brother was deprived of oxygen to his brain. Now at 5 years old his muscles don’t work right and he can’t walk on his own. Because of his spastic movements and strange voice your friends and neighbours think your family is cursed. Why else would this have happened? You want to help him. You want to help your family. But you can’t. You won’t ever have enough money to build a safe home. You won’t ever have enough money to buy the wheelchair your brother needs now and the one he’ll need later as he grows. You’re stuck. You need help. You pray for help. There is silence. There is a worldwide pandemic and no one is helping. 

Now imagine you are the answer to his prayer. Together we are going to supply 50 families with wheelchairs. And for at least one family a house with a concrete floor, durable metal structure, a locking door and window, beds and a high efficiency wood cooking stove. 

Partners in Guatemala are standing by to deliver hope and dignity, along with God’s life giving Gospel. Let’s not delay. 

Here's a glimpse of how building homes bring HOPE:

If you have any questions about Guatemala or would like more information on our Guatemala projects please contact Curtis & Sue Cottrell or Tammy & Dave Smethurst.