Aug 9, 2020 - church online starts at 10:30 Am
What does it look like to point your life toward God or away from God? And what are the short and long term consequences of our actions? 

Come visit with us at this Sunday morning to find out more as we hear from special guest Dr. Ingrid Reichard.

Real People. Real Faith. Real life. 

At Jericho Ridge, we're a group of people who are focused on following Jesus & making Him known in our communities & around the world. 

Even if you've never been to church before, we're exploring how faith can help us handle the unique challenges we all face right now.  In this season, we're online.

Join us right here -- live, online every Sunday morning at 10:30 AM.

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Latest Sermon

An Invitation to Sanity

Ingrid Reichard | August 9, 2020

Have you ever had an episode of insanity? Daniel 4 gives testimony of a king who lost and regained his sanity. The message invites us to living in our right minds, worshiping the God Most High and to testify of his activity in our lives. (It...

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Summer overview

Here's an overview of what we're diving into in the coming weeks:
  • Aug 9: The Definition of Insanity - Daniel 4 - Ingrid Reichard
  • Aug 16 - The Writing is On the Wall - Daniel 5 - Pastor Wally 
  • Aug 23 - Into the Lions Den - Daniel 6 - Pastor Brad 
  • Aug 30 - Prayers for the People - Daniel 9 - Pastor Brad 
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