Kids @ The Ridge

We consider it a privilege to be part of your child's faith formation and community. Our vision is to provide safe and age appropriate spaces for kids to hear from God, respond to God, and Grow in community.  

Nursery aged Kids and Parents:

We welcome parents with little ones to go ahead and let their kids walk back and forth in the back of the room or move in and out of the service as they need to. We understand littles make noises and are not bothered by it but welcome you and your kids. We also have a Nursery room where parents with babies and toddlers can go to nurse, play with toys, change diapers, or just let the little ones explore. The main gathering is live streamed to a TV in the room as well.

Kids Programming:

Each week we run a Preschool program and a Kindergarten through Grade 4 large group program. Every month we have a new theme that explores different parts of the Old and New Testament with crafts, activities, stories, and memory verses each week. Parents are provided with weekly take home sheets outlining what passages we explored and optional questions they can ask to help foster conversation and curiosity in God’s word at home. See below for more details about how each class is structured. 

The Purpose of JRCC Kids ministry is to cultivate young disciples of Jesus who embody God's love everywhere they go.

Children are required to check in at the K@TR kiosk where they receive a name tag/security tag. The child's care giver will receive a matching security tag that they will use when picking their child up from the class.

Volunteers are vetted through an interview, application, and references check process. Those who are age 18 and older must also submit a Vulnerable Sector check through the RCMP prior to volunteering. Each year we review and train our staff and volunteers on our safety policies and procedures and continue to work at implementing and following best practices in abuse prevention and awareness. 

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Want to Know More About our Programming?


Preschool - Grade 2 Classes

Our Preschool-Gr2 classes start after worship in song right before the sermon. When kids arrive in their classroom we lead them through the following format. 

  • Welcome activity: designed to engage their bodies and acclimate to the room and each other.
  • Story and snack: bible stories are shared through reading and video content, snacks are crackers and watter.
  • Craft and discussion activity: Each craft and activity is designed to get what was heard into kids bodies by allowing them space to explore the content with hands on materials. 
  • Memory verse activity: We love using songs, actions, or games to help put to memory God's truth.
  • Blessing and sending: As parents come to pick up kids we send them off with a quick word of blessing and encouragement.

Grade 3-4

Our Grade 3-4 class follows the biblical themes of our younger classes but is designed to engage this age group by giving them more ownership of their faith and time together through shared classroom responsibilities, goal setting, and opportunities for self guided learning. We love this groups excitement to share their knowledge and eagerness to try new things and have fun together. Below is the format we move through as a class.

  •  Welcome and morning tasks: each child rotates jobs like clean up, setting out pens and paper or supplies.
  • Group time:
    • View Outline for the day /review group goals and values.
    • Ice breaker question and Minute to win it game challenge.
  • Bible time:
    • Note: We provide bibles for kids who don’t have one and encourage kids who do to bring their own each week. We guide kids through how to find passages and navigate the different parts of the bible on their own and ask if any kids want to help read sections.
    • Read and then Watch Video devotional about the passage
  • Small group and self guided time:
    • Snack and discussion time in groups of 2-3
    • Response activity (kids choose what they want to learn more about or what activity they want to engage in based off of options provided)
  • Group time:
    • Share findings from discussion and response time
    • Prayer activity (changes each month)
    • Memory Verse challenge
    • Make any announcements or add progress marks to our goal chart
  • Clean up and blessing: we say a quick blessing to each kid as they go.

Want to Volunteer?
It's our joy to equip and support our members to serve God both in and outside the church. Serving in children's ministry can be a great way to explore your gifts and see God's hand at work in the lives of our community. Because of this we are always open to working with you to provide opportunities to try out different roles and leadership skills. In Children's ministry we provide bi-monthly training, equipping, or group discussion events for our volunteers and anyone interested in this ministry. These events are not mandatory but are a tangible way we can express our deep desire to go beyond the first step of placing people in needed rolls to equipping you and support you in your spiritual practice of serving.

We have a variety of options that you can step into based off of availability, passion, gifts, and interest. Below are some of the positions we have with differing time commitments and skill sets. 

If your interested in exploring these options email Ruth Ellen Crossley at . I look forward to getting in touch!

Sunday morning volunteering

  • Classroom teachers
  • Classroom helpers
  • Sunday morning set up or take down teams
  • Check-in attendant
  • photography or video support (used for promotional material and special events)

Mid week options for volunteering

  • curriculum editing
  • resource and class material preparation
  • help with monthly updates to class themes and decor
  • Admin support (example: volunteer scheduling, social media updates, news letters) 
  • volunteer with our Fuel groups (grade 5-7) on Monday nights. 

Seasonal or short term commitments

  • Event planning: help run or plan aspects of events or special serves like easter and Christmas.
  • Summer programs: we give regular volunteers a break for the summer and have two months of relaxed programming.

The purpose of JRCC Kid’s ministry is to cultivate young disciples of Jesus who embody God’s love everywhere they go.

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