The purpose of JRCC Kid’s ministry is to cultivate young disciples of Jesus who embody God’s love everywhere they go.


Kids @ The Ridge: Age 2 - Grade 4

Our goals for Kids @ the Ridge are to create an environment of age-appropriate discipleship where the kids can get to know Jesus, learn from the Bible, learn how to pray, build friendships, and be apart of God's mission by loving their neighbour as themselves

We do this by creating an environment that includes learning, prayer, focusing on scripture, doing a craft, and a time to play and having fun.

Who are we aiming for? We are aiming for all kids who are ages two through grade four including kids with difficulty learning, disabilities, and different levels of knowledge of the Bible and who Jesus is.

We use a seven-year scope and sequence (a scope and sequence is a learning plan), so that the kids who are in Kids @ the Ridge from Two-Years-Old until Grade Four will get the big picture understanding of the Bible, we want the kids who are in Kids @ The Ridge from Two-Years-Old until Grade Four to be on the path of Biblical Literacy and to see the Bible as one big story that God is writing and they get to be apart of.


Fuel: what about Grades 5 - 6?

We're glad you asked! We recognize the unique nature of this age group, and have a group just for them called Fuel.  You can find more information on Fuel by clicking the link.

(Note: Source and Proximity Youth begins for students in Grade 7 & up)



All volunteers are required to submit to a thorough background check. In addition all teachers must know our safety and policy procedures as well as abuse prevention and awareness.

Children are required to check-in at the  kiosk where they receive a name badge and information on their class. The parent will receive a security code to use when picking their child up from the class.


Have any questions? E-mail Jenna Wiersma at