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At Jericho Ridge, we believe that Jesus changes lives.

In our culture today, people aren’t always looking for God. As twenty-first century west coast Canadians, we don’t usually feel that anything’s missing. We find our value and identity in lots of things—work, nature, achievement, even spirituality—but rarely in Jesus. At Jericho, we believe that it’s our job to love people, engage in issues that matter, and answer real and difficult questions, all in an effort to show people that Jesus transforms lives, whether we realize we need Him or not. And He does this through what we call the gospel, which means "good news".

What is the gospel?

The gospel offers hope and meaning to our lives. It’s about the fact that Jesus came to show us God's love, to save us from sin, to set up God's Kingdom so we can share in God's life. This means our hope is not in what we do for God, but in what God has done for us. At Jericho Ridge, the gospel informs everything about who we are and what we do. We want to live authentically as imperfect people who have been redeemed by and found purpose in Jesus.  

Here's a 5 min video by theologian and author N.T. Wright explaining what the word meant in the ancient world and what it means to live as 'good news' people here and now.

Life At Jericho Ridge

What’s the next step on your journey?

We’d love for you to explore one or more of the environments at Jericho that might help you take the next step on your faith journey. There’s also lots of ways for you to have a meaningful impact on the lives of those here in our city or around the world. Read some of the stories of people who call Jericho home and who have discovered hope, healing and community here. If you have any questions, please contact us - we’d love to hear from you or better yet, see you at Jericho Centre on a Sunday Morning at 10:30! 

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We gather weekly for worship at Jericho Centre
19533 64 Avenue, Surrey, B.C.

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