We are looking to our Jericho Ridge family to help serve in a variety of ministries. Here are some of the ways that you can become an active part in our Jericho community. Simply register below and let us know where you want to start serving!

Setup Team

Setup Team is the backbone of our Sunday Worship Gatherings. Chairs, tables, signs etc. create an inviting space for everyone to come and worship together. Our current team is doing an amazing job as 1 person teams but they are taxed! So we need your help to double our teams from 1 person to 2 person teams, which means that you will be partnered with an experienced setup team member and serving once per month. For more information please contact Pastor Brady.

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Camera Operator

Do you ever imagine what it would be like to be the person behind the camera? Now is your chance! Do not worry, no experience is required. We will teach you everything you need to know to get started! For more information, contact Pastor Brady.

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Coffee Team

Coffee and tea are a much-loved part of the Jericho Ridge ethos on Sunday mornings. If you want to be a part of putting smiles on people's faces with a fresh cup of coffee, this is the place for you. This will include arriving early on Sunday to open up the coffee station and get the coffee ready by 10:15 AM, hosting the coffee station during the worship gathering, and staying a little afterwards to clean up. For more information, please contact Pastor Brady.

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Worship Team Member

Would you like to play and/or sing with a worship team? We would love to welcome you! If interested, please reach out to Pastor Brady and let him know what instrument you play.

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Youth Sponsor

Hanging out with students is so important to their growth! Who is going to get pied in the face or soaking wet from a water balloon fight? The students or course! Someone's got to make it happen and you can be a part of it! Laughter and fun is the bulk of what we do, but through it all, it's also about listening and sharing life together. For more information, contact Pastor Liam.

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