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Stories of Life & Ministry

    Future Facility News

    10.15.17 | Elder Updates | by Ron Zacharias

    "As we pressed in further, we got a strong sense that God might be asking us to consider a different facility, one that would provide us not only with the capacity to grow in numbers, but also provide us with a longer-term guaranteed...

      Why, God?

      09.14.17 | Pastoral Reflections | by Brad Sumner

      When things happen in our world – be it natural catastrophes, typhoons, fires, floods or famines – most of us ask a very honest, very normal, very raw question: WHY. Why did this happen? And very often, that question is directed at God.

        Reclaiming Revelation

        09.04.17 | Pastoral Reflections | by Brad Sumner

        I have a confession to make. There’s something I’ve been avoiding talking about in pastoral work for 18 long years. But with the help of some good friends, I’ve finally gotten over my fears and decided that it’s time to face it...