Our Team

Meet our amazing team that serve here at Jericho Ridge Community Church:

Tyler Schacter


Tyler has been attending JRCC since its inception. His wife, Lindsey, joined him at Jericho in 2009, and sons Theodore and Edison joined the family in the years following. Tyler has served in various roles over the years, on the setup team, as an elder in a previous term, and currently sits on the Jericho Faith Society board as treasurer.

Tyler and Lindsey travelled to Guatemala with JRCC and have led several teams to India through Lindsey’s work with Global Aid Network. He serves locally on the Fraser Valley Realtor’s Charitable Foundation Granting Committee, and serves as board chairperson for Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited.

Tyler is passionate about service ministry (locally and globally) and enjoys deepening his theological understanding through books, podcasts, and sermons. He has experienced many joyous and challenging times at Jericho and is thankful for God’s faithfulness and our supportive community.

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