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Dec 24, 2019 | Brad Sumner

Love is an Open Door

Revelation 3:20
We use the metaphor of doors being closed or open to help us understand if we are welcome to proceed. But at Christmas we are reminded that because of love, God opened a door that remains open (hey, that would make a great song title: "Love is an Open Door")

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Amidst all of the chaos in our world and in our lives that December can bring, the Christmas story is still, at its heart, a story of PEACE. During the season of Advent we are reminded again that peace isn’t found so much in a place as it is found in a person.  Peace isn’t the product of circumstances, it’s the presence of a relationship with the Prince of Peace, Jesus, who was born one night long ago in Bethlehem to guide not only our world but also our lives into the paths of peace.