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Daniel: In The Fire

Aug 09, 2020 | Ingrid Reichard

An Invitation to Sanity

Daniel 4:1-37
Have you ever had an episode of insanity? Daniel 4 gives testimony of a king who lost and regained his sanity. The message invites us to living in our right minds, worshiping the God Most High and to testify of his activity in our lives. (It would be helpful if families read through the chapter before tuning into the sermon).

Series Information

In the life of Daniel, we see the powerful picture of a person who remains faithful to God in the midst of hardships & challenges. He and his friends endure times of great testing but they also see God’s redemptive plans unfolding in their lives and in the world. Ultimately, the book of Daniel helps instill hope that we, too, can be faithful when faced with our own fiery trials.