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Staff Update: Senior Associate Pastoral Resignation

As part of our gathering this morning, Pastor Wally announced his resignation. Here is the text of his announcement...

by Wally Nickel on September 25, 2022

"It’s with mixed emotions that I tell you, my friends, that I have resigned my position as one of your Pastors. Over the past 6+ years - together with Sylvia, Joel and Savana - we’ve been blessed to make Jericho our spiritual home.  And now it is time for another chapter for me.  Our years at Jericho have been enriching and challenging as we’ve navigated many diverse seasons together with you.  Throughout each one, God has and continues to be faithful as we aim to live out our core values within the mission He’s given us.

Please know that we are not leaving for greener pastures! Quite the contrary... we actually don’t know what God has in store for us next.  But we are clear that God has been calling us toward change for some time now. As that process heightened for us in the late spring and throughout the summer, I truly wrestled with what we heard God saying... and what we haven’t heard him saying in terms of next steps.  So we are stepping out in faith into an as of yet unknown, and we ask that you please pray for us and with us as this is not easy to do.

In terms of timeline, we’ve agreed with the Elders that it’s mutually beneficial for me to stay on staff until the end of the year.  We love being here and we’ll be present and active until the Lord opens up a new door for us.  If that is not a door of vocational ministry, then we anticipate that we will continue attending JRCC and engaging as members.  

So thank you again for the opportunity and the privilege of serving together and for the many ways that you have poured into our lives and helped us become more and more like Jesus.  As you have often heard me say, “It’s been a privilege to be a part of Jericho’s staff, leadership team, and congregation... thank you for embracing us to serve and grow alongside you!”

Pastor Wally Nickel

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