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House + Home Campaign

Join us in building not only a house, but a home together...

by Ron Zacharias on July 04, 2021

This morning at Jericho Ridge, we launched a new giving campaign called House + Home 2.0

First, a bit of history… You might recall that we purchased the building in which we now reside almost three years ago.  We like to think of it is our HOUSE – the place where we get to meet.  But, as the past 16 months have reminded us, meeting in a building is not the point.  We want build a HOME together. 

HOME is about way more than the roof over your head...  HOME is about people. It’s relationships. It’s where things get wonderfully messy as we love our neighbours and introduce them to the life-changing power of Jesus. 

The HOUSE is the place we get to meet to do these things.  And we’ve been blessed with an amazing space. Buying it was a massive leap for us… We had to come up with 1.8 million for our down payment on the purchase price of 8 million.  And amazingly, the people of Jericho have so far raised $1.597 million of that amount.  That leaves us with $203,000 owing on our down payment.

Our goal is to pay this off by Thanksgiving 2021. 


To achieve that goal, we are announcing a “Double Your Donation” matching plan.  Every donation you make toward the capital campaign from now till Thanksgiving will be doubled.  If you give $20, that turns into $40. If you give $200, that turns into $400, if you give $20,000 that turns into $40,000 (you get the idea). 

As elders, we want to thank each one who has already given to get us here.  But we have a ways to go, so let’s go through this stage together and keep running the race looking to. The future with each one of us being faithful along the way. 

We are inviting you to pray about what you part might be in the building of this HOUSE + HOME.   The HOUSE is this place. A place where great things can happen, now and for years to come.  But the HOME is you.  Let’s continue to care for each other and to allow God to do big things in our midst and in our community.

“Now to HIM who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to HIS power at work within us, to HIM be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus, throughout all generations, for ever and ever.” AMEN.

- Ron Zacharias, Elders team member & chairperson of JFS (Jericho Faith Society)


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