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We're looking for a Live Stream Coordinator...

by Brad Sumner on April 13, 2023

JRCC is looking for a LIVE STREAM COORDINATOR.  This staff position involves 6 hours per week (4 of them on Sunday mornings) to oversee the technical and volunteer elements of live streaming JRCC's gatherings and special events. 

We are open to either a 4 month summer contract (May-August 2023) or a 1 year contract (May 2023-April 2024). 

Interested parties need not know all of the software or technical elements in advance as we will provide on the job training as well as a strong volunteer team as well as a strong support from staff who have pioneered this role for JRCC. 

The Position profile is available here and we encourage a quick response time so we can train you.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Brad Sumner or Jared Sumner.   


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