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Fall 2023 Children's Ministry Updates

by Ruth Ellen Crossley on September 07, 2023

News and updates from Kids @ The Ridge 

Hello JRCC Families


We are rounding the corner to Fall and this Sunday is our last Sunday for Kids at the Ridge Summer programing! Below you will find updates on what is next with our classes, ages, locations, and what we’re learning.


We are excited to move into the Fall with your kids to Hear from God, Respond to God, and Grow in Community together on Sunday mornings.


Kids area in the Gym/ Gathering


Moving forward we will continue to provide a child’s area in the gym with quiet toys and coloring for those weeks when kids just don’t feel up to going to class. Fall can bring big changes in family rhythms and routines for kids. Sometimes kids will need extra support and closeness before they are ready to try new classes and that’s ok. Our prayer is that both our programed classes and kids’ area in the gym will support you and your child in worshiping together with us.


Nursery and Preschool:

We are joining our nursery and preschool groups for the Fall into one class. Parents are still welcome to come and go as needed in this room, though children will still need to be check-ed in to receive a name tag and security take if you plan on dropping them off with us.  


Where: The Nursery room


When: The Nursery is open at the start of service for parents and toddlers, but our class will not start until after songs and announcements. You will be able to walk them to class and leave them with their leaders at that point. Please help your littles go to the bathroom beforehand if they are potty training.


What we are learning: We are learning about Creation for the Month of September. Our crafts, stories, songs, and play will be focused on the amazing animals, colors, and plants God made! Our Verse is “God saw all that he had made, and it was Very Good!” Genesis 1: 31a


Toddlers and preschoolers love exploring their world and we are excited to do this with them through themes different mediums. Our class runs flexibly to adapt to our kids needs each day. Below is the outline we follow.


Class outline:

5-10 min free play

5-10 min for story, memory verse, and songs

10-20 min snacks, activities, crafts, and play.


Kids@theRidge: K – Grade 3

Where: We will meet in the classrooms we used last year just off the gym and close to the back washrooms (rooms 106).


When: After songs and at announcements.  Our leaders will still line up with kids at the back of the gym as usual during announcement time to walk them to class. Feel free to walk with them if they need the extra support. Especially those going into kindergarten might feel the change of pace and location is a lot. If that is the case, you are more than welcome to come with them for September to help them acclimate and settle in. We have visitor tags caregivers can wear so our leaders know who you are.


What:  We are starting a series that goes through the bible from Genesis to Revelations. We will be exploring the BIG GOD story seeing how it all connects and how we are part of this Story too. Fall focuses on Genesis.


Class outline:

Large Group 25 min:

Welcome and Traditions 5-10 min: Host welcomes kids, explains class, asks the question of the day, celebrate birthdays in this month.

Story 10-15 min: Storyteller tells the bible story for the day

Worship as Response 3 min: While a worship song plays Kids are given one or two options to respond to God through hands on prayer activity, serving others activity, or singing to the song.

Small Group 10-15 min:

Respond time 10-15 min: kids gather around a table in a small group to have snacks, discuss the lesson, and do crafts or games.


FUEL: Gr 4-5 and Grades 6-7

We are starting up a preteen ministry on Sundays called FUEL. Previously we met on Monday nights but this year we have decided to move to Sunday’s mornings so we can provide a space for our preteens to worship with their pears during the gathering. We will be doing a bit of a soft start to this porgram this fall as we continue to build up our team and work out the details. If you'd liek to help out with this group we'd love to hear from you. Email and let us know. We will continue a once-a-month Fuel Fun event on Monday nights to give space for preteens together together for fun and community.


Where: we will be meeting in the Boardroom on Sundays

When: We will meet after songs and announcements at the back of the gym to line up with our leaders and go to class.

What: This fall we are starting a Series called ‘The Power of Music’. In this series, we're learning how the music we listen to can be a powerful tool in our walk with God. We are also excited that Rose will begin teaching our group how to play Ukulele starting mid-September.

Class outline:

Welcome 5-10 min: We start with a welcome games and time to connect with peers and our leaders.

Dig- In 10-15 min: This is where we discuss our topic and scripture together.

Ukulele time 10 min: We’ll end with a couple minutes each week learning a new chord or part of the Ukulele. We are currently sourcing out Ukes to buy and are hoping to have enough for each person by the end of September.

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