LeaderLab - Winter 2020

LeaderLab - Winter 2020

Every Monday, from 02/10/2020 to 03/09/2020, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

LeaderLab is an eight-session workshop that explores and teaches servant leadership concepts to participants.

It's a 21st Century “Quick Start User Guide” on just about everything leadership. Topics and outcomes Include:

  • Find your place of belonging
  • Unlock your unique leadership style
  • Gain clarity, focus, and direction to move forward
  • Enhance communication and relationship skills
  • Discover what ‘success’ means for you
  • Develop an effective and efficient plan for the future
  • Create a unique balance in your daily activities
  • Balance and align your personal goals and corporate community goals
  • Discover and set priorities in your personal, family, volunteer and professional life
  • See God at work though effective collective leadership (at JRCC)

Who it's for:

  • People currently in leadership roles or thinking about it.
  • Identified emerging leaders.
  • Anyone who feels mission ownership, but could do with more tools and training.
  • Leaders who simply need fresh fuel.

Sessions run in Fleetwood on 8 Mondays nights with some homework during the week. 

Contact for more details or info.  

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