What is CASL & How Does It Impact Me?

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What is CASL & How Does It Impact Me?

    03.01.16 | Policies by Brad Sumner

    Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is a new anti-spam law that applies to all direct electronic messages (i.e. e-mails, texts, etc.) that organizations send for promotional purposes. The legislation specifically requires organizations to receive consent from recipients before sending commercial electronic messages (CEMs).

    While the law states that recipients can provide oral or written consent (which can be electronic), JRCC’s strategy is for recipients to provide express consent through Constant Contact, the e-mail marketing company that we use to send information. This will ensure that we keep a secure and accurate database of all of our contacts and that CASL standards are followed.

    How will CASL change the way JRCC will communicate with me? 

    JRCC currently has implied consent from all of our CEM recipients due to the existing relationship between each recipient and JRCC (i.e. attendance, donations, and volunteerism). However, implied consent is only valid for two years whereas express consent remains effective until withdrawn by an individual.

    As a result, JRCC is seeking to obtain express consent from all of our CEM recipients by November 30, 2014. Should a current recipient not provide express consent by that date, he or she will no longer receive CEMs from JRCC.

    All CEMs will include an unsubscribe mechanism that can be used to withdraw consent from any further electronic communication. Furthermore, recipients will be able to manage the distribution lists they wish to belong to at any time, so they do not receive unwanted CEMs.

    How can I provide JRCC with my express consent?

    If you currently receive e-mails from JRCC, you will notice a short explanation on how to provide express consent at the bottom of the e-mail. Simply click on the link and you're done! You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how you can select the type of communication you'd like to receive (i.e. kids, youth, women, etc.).

    If you aren't receiving any information from JRCC, follow this link to select the type of communication you'd like to receive. This will prompt our office to send you an e-mail where you can provide us with your express consent.


    If you have a question about how the new CASL regulations may impact JRCC or you, please contact Tammy Smethurst, JRCC’s administrative coordinator.