Renovation Update from JFS

    05.19.19 | by Peter Ash

    Updated July 21, 2019

    We are currently undergoing massive renovations in order to serve our community more effectively.  Have a look around this blog post to get a sense of how things are shaping up.

    What's New?
    If you have been in the space before, you can see on the following floor plans that things are going to change pretty radically around here this year!

    • We’re adding new classroom spaces on the main floor to allow for growth in kids ministry;
    • We are purpose-building office space for our staff team to allow for stronger collaboration;
    • We’re adding a dedicated nursery space so that parents of infants and toddlers feel they belong;
    • We are roughing in a commercial kitchen (completed as $ allows) to increase hospitality possibilities;
    • We are moving the auditorium away from a gym-feel to more of a welcoming banqueting space;
    • A dedicated coffee bar will allow for connection time in the same space as worship.

    Bringing the Building into the 21st Century…

    • We are investing heavily in lighting, sound and technology systems across the building to make things easier for our volunteers (a retractable stage) and reducing our environmental footprint;
    • We’re installing an elevator so all levels are accessible for people with mobility challenges;
    • We’re putting in air conditioning & heating units throughout so guests feel comfortable all year;
    • We are adding permanent signage to help let our neighbours know who we are & what we do.

    The biggest change is that we are adding a brand new Mezzanine Level…

    • We’re adding a Youth Room so our teens know there’s a space to invite friends to hang out in;
    • We are creating flexible meeting rooms that can be used by the community for events

    In short, there really isn’t a single inch of the interior of the building that won’t get updated, painted, and/or impacted by our renovation in 2019.

    We will also be doing some work to freshen up the exterior and the entrances and signage to reflect a more modern design ascetic.


    The Welcome Centre and Coffee areas are both being relocated, the former to a more prominent location at the main entrance and the latter to inside the auditorium.  This will help with traffic flow and better reflect how we actually use the spaces.

    We are proud to have partnered with Sitelines (our Architect) and Shirmar (our Construction management firm) on this renovation. 

    In addition, our tenant, Fraser Valley Elementary School, has also been actively engaged in this process and they are funding and installing things like a playground and fencing in the lower lot as well as things like lockers and cubbies in the classrooms to allow for wise sharing of space.   

    To give you a sneak peak at things, here's a look at the outside as if you were standing on the sidewalk on 64th Ave

    Q: What Impact Will Construction Have on Church Operations? 

    A: JRCC will be moving our offices out on Saturday, June 1 so that we can allow Shrimar to begin preparatory work.  Our staff will be working remotely for the duration of construction to allow for the construction team to work as speedily as possible.   We anticipate that Sunday worship will continue largely uninterrupted (with the exception of two off-site Sundays, August 4 and 11). 


    Q: What's the Renovation Timeline?

    A: We anticipate that we will be completed this renovation by the end of 2019.  Once we hear from the City of Surrey, we will provide you a more detailed update on our anticipated timeline. 

    I am grateful for the way in which our JFS team has taken leadership on moving this facility project forward and we welcome your questions, insights, prayers and your financial support as we press forward into the future.

    - Peter Ash, Chair, Jericho Faith Society (JFS)