My Story: Elizabeth Dickey

    02.06.20 | Baptism & Membership Stories by Elizabeth Dickey

    I’m an emotionally driven person and I’ve come to recognize that it’s okay.  It’s not something shameful that I need to push away. God created emotions and for me, worship through song is a way of connecting emotionally with God and for God to connect with me.  

     Lately, as we’ve been going through some difficult things God counters my emotions of despair with rejoicing.  when I awake in the morning with songs of praise running through my mind. I'll think of songs like How Great Thou Art or songs reminding me of His faithfulness like The Goodness of God (some of the lyrics to that one say “All my life you have been faithful, All my life you have been so so good. With every breath that I am able, I will sing of the goodness of God.")

    Over and over again.  It’s a way that I connect with God and a way that He connects with me.  When I start the day with those kinds of songs running through my head, it’s hard not to be grateful, as I’m reminded of His love, His faithfulness and goodness to me.

    So not only does music remind me of His love, faithfulness and goodness, it also reminds me to look at life through His lens which affects how I conduct myself through the day as my act of worship. Not only in how I spend time with Him but in the way I choose to see things, the words I choose to say, my actions towards others.  Basically how I show God’s love to others.

     I think that’s the biggest thing for me in deciding to finally “officially” become a member of JRCC.  I don’t want to just feel this love for others, I want to live it out, showing God’s love, compassion, kindness, mercy.  So, in becoming a member I’m publicly declaring that I want to be a part of and held accountable to show that love and be loved in a community that actively and authentically pours out that love of God through worship whether it be through continuing to gather together, through song, through finances, through prayer, through teaching/learning, and through “Glocal” service.

     I don’t quite know what all this will look like as I struggle with health issues but I love that this authentic community is willing to work with me in developing that with where I’m at right now.”

    - Elizabeth Dickey (as read by Robin Dickey on Sun, Feb 2, 2020)