Learning to Forgive: A Series on How To Say I'm Sorry

    10.06.20 | Pastoral Reflections by Brad Sumner

     The other day I was in line and a woman pushed past me to get into the store. She muttered something about being sorry but didn’t really change her attitude or behaviour at all.  I muttered under my breath that her actions didn’t seem like she was sorry to me and something about Canadians being known generally as an apologetic bunch.  The interaction was minor but it got me thinking… what does it really mean to say you are sorry? 

    By now, we’re all into the global pandemic long enough to have ticked people off or to have someone who has wronged us in some way.  So it’s a good time to revisit the notion of forgiveness...  What is it?  How do we give and receive it well?  How do I know if an apology is genuine? What’s the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation?  Is it really possible to forgive and forget (and won’t that mean that justice is not done)?    

    We’re going to dive into these questions and more this November as we launch into a teaching series called “SORRY: Learning To Forgive”

    We’ll explore the following topics:

    • Sunday, Nov 1 – What does it mean to be Fully Forgiven?
    • Sun, Nov 8 – What does It mean to be Fully Repentant?
    • Sun, Nov 15 – Is it wise to Forgive and Forget?
    • Sun, Nov 22 – Is there a Difference Between Forgiveness and Reconciliation?

    We don’t’ apologize for being bold in our invitation for you to join us online or in-person for a Watch Party because we believe that learning how to give and receive forgiveness is part of what it means to be fully alive. 

    Pastor Brad

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