From a "Convenient Christian" to a Child of God

    06.27.18 | Baptism & Membership Stories by Jane Abear

    I grew up going to church infrequently… The odd Sunday morning my mother took us or we went with my Grandmother in Victoria when visiting.

    I really never understood why I was going, but I knew that it was important.  I was invited many times from our neighbours to attend their home churches. It was always curious to know more.

    But I was, what I refer to as, a “convenient Christian”.  What I mean by this is that I would turn to God when I needed God, and then when I didn’t need God, I turned away.  As a result, I began to drift.

    I still don’t know why I turned away. I had so much anxiety I was living with. Instead of turning back towards God, I kept going the other way, making terrible choices for myself over and over again. 

    After my divorce, I spent several years searching and trying to fill the empty place in my heart.  I went travelling, read so many self-help books and joined support groups in hopes that my guilt and sadness would go away.  I still didn’t feel whole but one of the support groups I was attending suggested that I attend church.

    I started attending and started coming back to God.  Throughout the ups and downs of my life, I am realizing that God is not going to let me down. 

    I am grateful to have found Jericho Ridge. I am learning that life is hard but being part of a community of faith makes life easier and it is certainly more peaceful to walk with Jesus. 

    I am no longer a “convenient Christian”. I am a believer and a child of God. I joined my first small group this year and it has been wonderful sharing our lives together.  Proverbs 3:5-6 says “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths”. I feel like my path led me both back to God and to Jericho.