Back To The Start: Series Summary

    01.02.19 | Pastoral Reflections by Brad Sumner

    On Sun, Jan 6 we’ll be starting a new Sunday AM teaching series called ‘Back to the Start’. 

    This four-week series walks through the Old Testament prophetic book of Amos, focusing on how our spiritual walk with God affects our pursuit of righteous justice. Amos asks some great questions, like "how does a relationship with God affect our pursuit of justice?" Or "what does it mean to act with ethical integrity in my parenting, my businesses or my finances?"

    Here's a few VIDEO resources to get you thinking... 

    This is a great video from The Bible Project that helps summarize what the book of Amos is all about: 

    Philosopher and apologist William Lane Craig suggests that "without some objective reference point we have no way of really saying if something is up or down.” On earth, the ground is always bellow us, so we can calibrate what everything else is in relation to it. In the same way God is our objective reference point for all of morality. Nothing else is as constant and consistent as him. Some people judge their morality in relation to the culture, but culture is always changing. God is always the same. Everything must be held up to him. This comes from a video summarizing the moral argument for the existence of God:

     Let me know what questions you have as we go through this series or what you are learning as we start the New Year off right by going back to the start and growing in our understanding of God’s love for you and for others!

    Pastor Brad