You're Preaching on WHAT?!

04.07.18 | Pastoral Reflections by Brad Sumner

This Sunday, we’re going to be starting a 6-week exploration of a book of the Bible that might be both little known and little understood. 

Intriguingly, Song of Songs (sometimes known as Song of Solomon) was one the most widely preached on books in the first century. The reason for it was the culture was sex-crazed in all the wrong ways and yet the Biblical witness has much to say about healthy, loving, God-honouring sexuality. So instead of pointing the finger 'out there' at the wicked and evil culture, the early church went to work on building (or re-building) a Godly vision for the healthy expression of sexuality in a way that would buttress believers against the messaging of the world in which they (and we) live.

That's what I am hoping we can do in this series. 

I’m becoming increasingly concerned that the Church is remaining largely silent on the important issue of human sexuality in our day and time. When the Church does speak, it is largely in a shrill voice and the topic is mostly what NOT to look at, NOT do or NOT to think.  But the Song of Songs provides a robust vision of human sexuality, healthy relationships and advice on love, fidelity and sacrifice.  

Here are the topics we’ll be covering in the coming weeks…

  • April 8 – God’s Design for Human Sexuality  
  • April 15 - Biblical advice on Healthy Marriage relationships
  • April 22- A Biblical perspective on Singleness
  • April 29 - A Biblical vision of masculinity
  • May 6 - A Biblical perspective on homosexuality
  • May 13 - A Biblical vision of femininity (Mother's Day)

As an added bonus, check out this video put together by the good people over at the Bible Project that will help give you a helpful overview of the themes, structure and main ideas of the book. 

See you Sunday!

Pastor Brad