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The Mission and Message of the Church

There are 96 different images of the Church in the New Testament. Join the people of JRCC as we explore three of them (field, building, temple) and how they shape our mandate, and our message.

We’re Jericho Ridge Community Church, a group of people who are focused on following Jesus and making his presence known in our community. It’s pretty hard to describe ourselves succinctly and that’s probably a good thing because we’re not too fond of stereotypes. Perhaps the easiest way to put it is that we’re on a journey and we want to help each other get there. Our pasts differ from one another’s and our current situations vary too. But we’ve committed ourselves to following the life and teachings of Jesus and we’ve chosen to do this together.

We love meeting new people from our community and we hope that you’ll choose to join us for our weekly gathering time on Sunday mornings. We meet at 10:30 a.m. in the Banquet Hall at the Langley Events Centre. We spend our time singing songs, drinking coffee, talking about life, studying the Bible, and praying. It’s a great way to start our week and we think you’ll enjoy the experience too. 

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