Life Groups

Connect, Listen, Pray, Grow

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Life Groups

Connect, Listen, Pray, Grow

Life groups are intentional and experiential settings that help us grow together.

Our groups are designed to give people the chance to talk honestly with each other, grow in their relationship with Jesus, and experience love and support from their group.

Life Groups - Winter/Spring 2017

NEW - Women's Life-journaling Group
Leader: Meg Sumner
When: Wednesday mornings 6 - 7 a.m.
Where: Jericho Starbucks (72 Ave & 200 St)
What: Bring a Bible, pen and journal

Goh / Ash LIFE Group
Hosts: Peter & Debbie Ash
When: Sunday afternoons (bi-weekly)
Where: Ash's home (Walnut Grove)
What: Potluck and adult group study

Young LIFE Group
Hosts: Sandy & Muriel Young
When: Tuesday mornings (11 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.)
Where: Young's home (Willowbrook)
What: Adult Bible study

O'Coin LIFE Group
Hosts: Kevin & Breanne O'Coin
When: Sunday lunch (bi-weekly) & Monday evenings (the other week)
Where: O'Coin's home (Willoughby)
What: Living life with family, friends & neighbours

Men's LIFE Group
Host: Joel Schacter
When: Wednesday mornings (6 a.m.)
Where: RE/MAX boardroom (Willowbrook)
What: Challenge & accountability for daily life

Women's Social Group
Host: Tammy Smethurst
When: Monthly(ish)
Where: Smethurst's home (Willoughby)
What: Friends, food, fun, faith

(Please note that groups will be taking a break during the summer months) 

For details on living life together at Jericho Ridge, please email Tyler Harper or Pastor Wally