Current Series

Say What?! The Hard Saying of Jesus

Like some of his original listeners, people today find Jesus’ sayings hard.  Some sayings are “hard” because they are difficult to understand. Others are “hard” because the demands they make on our lives are only too clear. 

Join the people of Jericho Ridge this fall as we clear away cultural and historical difficulties which keep us from grappling with the real challenge of Jesus’ message. 

Serpents & Doves

In Matthew 10:16, Jesus gives a puzzling instruction: that we are to be as shrewd as serpents and as harmless as doves. In this series, we look at various examples from Scripture on how to combine the wisdom of a snake and the gentleness and innocence of a dove. No small feat, to be sure, but artfully blending the two just might be the best way to live in and impact the world for good.  

Hey, Jude

This short but profound book holds a message that is incredibly relevant for us today. Jude encourages us to pay attention to the voices we are listening to and to guard our minds and lives from false teachers and false doctrine.  Jude also gives Christians incredible hope and assurance that Jesus will protect and preserve them until Christ returns and presents them to God the Father. 

Hidden Figures: 8 Significant Women in the Life & Lineage of Jesus

The experiences of women in the Bible have often been ignored or marginalized. This series explores the stories of 8 women in Jesus’ life or genealogy. Through them, we witness the way the biblical narrative was uniquely communicated through their lives and are reminded to listen and learn from other perspectives. Where the culture may have silenced or rejected these women, their inclusion in Jesus’s genealogy or his elevation of them during his life give us a guide for using our influence and power to build up the marginalized in our own lives.

The Pursuit: God's Steadfast Love

What can a lost sheep, a lost coin and two lost sons teach us about God? Join us for a deeper dive into four parables that Jesus tells in Luke 15 that illustrate the incredible lengths to which God willingly goes to seek and find those who are lost.

Back To the Start: Amos
Jesus said that the Greatest Commandment was to love God and love others. But how do we do this? This four-week series walks through the Old Testament book of Amos, focusing on how our spiritual walk with God affects our pursuit of justice, our parenting, our ethics and our finances. Start the New Year off right by going back to the start!   
Hope for the Holidays

One of the themes of Christmas is the promise of HOPE. But what do we do and where do we turn when hope is hard to come by? Our Advent 2018 teaching focus is a series of four talks on the robust nature of Christian hope in the midst of dark times. Our deepest prayer is that amidst the joys, challenges and struggles of modern life, you will find real and lasting hope this holiday season.

Colossians: Greater Than...

We are surrounded by people and institutions claiming that they are the "greatest" and assuring us that they have the wisdom we need to live happy lives. But the book of Colossians helps us focus on the greatness of Jesus and how He surpasses anything else we can worship or give our lives to. 

Uncomfortable: The Awkward and Essential Challenge of Christian Community

Suburban culture is a culture of comfort. It’s being sold to us everywhere we look. We’re encouraged to do what we want, when we want, with whomever we want. If something is uncomfortable, we want to avoid it at all costs. The Christian faith, though, is just the opposite: it is uncomfortable. If you want to be part of the church, you need to embrace, understand, and see the beauty and hope in the challenging realities of being part of God’s people.

Stranger Kings 2

Some parts of the Old Testament are just plain strange. The stories of Elisha in 2 Kings would certainly fall into this category. The prophet gets involved in strange assignments, supernatural happenings, mysterious disappearances and more!  Similar to the TV series of a similar name, his life shows us that there is often more going on than meets the eye. 

The Bible DOESN'T Say That

Unfortunately, there are erroneous beliefs about God and Christianity that have snuck their way into modern church culture. These popular phrases or ways of thinking are sometimes in direct conflict with what Scripture actually teaches!  In this series, we'll ask what the Bible really says about judging others, if God helps those who help themselves, if obedience always lead to blessing, and more!