Current Series

Who is Jesus: Gospel of Matthew

One of the defining questions of our lives is "Who Is Jesus and what does He mean to you?"  We'll be exploring this as we teach through the Gospel of Matthew this spring.  Join us for practical and challenging messages as we help you take a fresh look at Jesus and how the events of His life have the power to transform all of us. 

Jonah: No One Is Beyond God's Reach

The Old Testament book of Jonah is an intriguing account of a rebellious prophet who despises his God for loving his enemies. But by examining ourselves in Jonah's story, we can learn to trust God in His final decisions and give all our concerns to Him, while knowing that He desires to show love to all.  We learn that whether it is renegade cities or rebellious prophets, nobody is beyond God’s reach.

Mark: The Life of Jesus

The shortest gospel presents us with unique insights into the message and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth.  But it also presents us with riddles and puzzles.  Mark is about God’s reign, its present hiddenness but also future glory, its surprising way of coming, and its challenge. This Gospel is about discipleship, its costs and rewards, its failures, and its renewal. Mark is also about grace, and the way Jesus and his followers cross religious and social barriers to pass grace on to those who have been excluded from it.

Follow Me: The Adventure of Discipleship

Our core purpose says that we exist to "cultivate disciples of Jesus who embody God's love everywhere we go". But what does a disciple look like and how do you know where you are at and what's the next step to take along the journey?  Join us for a new series that explores our 5 core values and the adventure of following Jesus. 

Let There Be PEACE on Earth

Amidst all of the chaos in our world and in our lives that December can bring, the Christmas story is still, at its heart, a story of PEACE. During the season of Advent we are reminded again that peace isn’t found so much in a place as it is found in a person.  Peace isn’t the product of circumstances, it’s the presence of a relationship with the Prince of Peace, Jesus, who was born one night long ago in Bethlehem to guide not only our world but also our lives into the paths of peace.

Galatians: Freedom Through Christ

Galatians is one of the most compact but explosive books in the New Testament. As such, it has always been near the centre of debates... whether they are about ethics, faith and public life, a Christian view of Israel's scriptures or faith vs. works.  Throughout this series, we will learn how the simple message of the gospel can cause huge transformations in the lives of people and how a life of walking in the Spirit results in loving ourselves and others well.

Faith in Faithlessness: 2 Kings

The book of 2 Kings covers almost 250 years of tumultuous history in the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah. This series will consider seven people whose chose to remain with God or to turn away from God. As we continue our family-inclusive march through the Old Testament during the summers, we will see how following God or turning from God can lead to similar outcomes in our own lives today.

Serpents & Doves

In Matthew 10:16, Jesus gives a puzzling instruction: that we are to be as shrewd as serpents and as harmless as doves. In this series, we look at various examples from Scripture on how to combine the wisdom of a snake and the gentleness and innocence of a dove. No small feat, to be sure, but artfully blending the two just might be the best way to live in and impact the world for good.  

Hey, Jude

This short but profound book holds a message that is incredibly relevant for us today. Jude encourages us to pay attention to the voices we are listening to and to guard our minds and lives from false teachers and false doctrine.  Jude also gives Christians incredible hope and assurance that Jesus will protect and preserve them until Christ returns and presents them to God the Father. 

Hidden Figures: 8 Significant Women in the Life & Lineage of Jesus

The experiences of women in the Bible have often been ignored or marginalized. This series explores the stories of 8 women in Jesus’ life or genealogy. Through them, we witness the way the biblical narrative was uniquely communicated through their lives and are reminded to listen and learn from other perspectives. Where the culture may have silenced or rejected these women, their inclusion in Jesus’s genealogy or his elevation of them during his life give us a guide for using our influence and power to build up the marginalized in our own lives.

The Pursuit: God's Steadfast Love

What can a lost sheep, a lost coin and two lost sons teach us about God? Join us for a deeper dive into four parables that Jesus tells in Luke 15 that illustrate the incredible lengths to which God willingly goes to seek and find those who are lost.