Current Series

Power of Routine

Our habits form us more than we form them. On Sunday mornings in January 2022, we will be exploring the role of rhythms of life in our spiritual development. Join us as we focus on the Power of Routine.

Power of Routine

Our habits form us more than we form them. On Sunday mornings in January 2022, we will be exploring the role of rhythms of life in our spiritual development. Join us as we focus on the Power of Routine.

Love is...

At Christmas, people tend to talk a lot about love. But what does love actually look like, not just in a conceptual or theological sense but in our world and our lives today? Join the people of Jericho Ridge as we journey through Advent into the heart of the Christmas story by looking at what LOVE is.

Ephesians: Made New

The book of Ephesians reads a bit like a road map for the Christian life, covering expansive themes like God, Jesus, the Church, salvation, ethics, marriage and family and spiritual warfare all in six short chapters! During Sept and Oct 2021 we will explore all these themes and more as we seek to learn how to join God in God’s expansive project of making all things new. 

Emotions: Getting a Grip of Your Heart & Mind

Our emotions are “more than a feeling.” They are connected to our lived experiences and expectations. In this five-week series we will explore how our emotions such as anger, apathy, grief, and joy can work as barometers of health in our relationship with God. For example, we'll learn to grieve and lament over losses as well as celebrate moments, things and people we've missed over this past season. Our emotions shouldn’t tell us where to go—Scripture does that—but they can help us understand where we are currently and realize where we need the transforming work of the Spirit in our lives moving forward.

Truth To Power: The Book of Esther

In the game of chess, the queen is a formidable figure.  This summer, we’ll be diving into the Old Testament book of Esther which is a potent reminder of the real power of God to deliver people, as well as the ability of just one or two seemingly powerless people to be instruments of deliverance. Esther also reminds us that any person of faith may at any time be called upon to risk life or livelihood, status or reputation, to speak the truth to power. Queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai show us how.

Who is Jesus: Gospel of Matthew

One of the defining questions of our lives is "Who Is Jesus and what does He mean to you?"  We'll be exploring this as we teach through the Gospel of Matthew this spring.  Join us for practical and challenging messages as we help you take a fresh look at Jesus and how the events of His life have the power to transform all of us. 

Disillusioned: What To Do When We Doubt

Some people see doubt as the antithesis of faith. But some types of doubt can actually be spiritually healthy because instead of stuffing the big questions or hard experiences of life down, we learn to engage them.  In this teaching series, we'll explore examples of doubt in the  Bible and learn more about how to process them in constructive ways.

Rhythms: Spiritual Habits for Soul Health

Forming healthy habits can nurture and sustain your growth in an ever-changing world.  Join us for a discussion of four spiritual practices that, if deployed with some level of regularity, will help keep you strong and vibrant in a way that you simply can’t get without some effort. Our 2021 Lenten journey will include sermons on fasting, community, sabbath and simplicity.

Worst Year Ever: The Book of JOB

Everyone has experienced hardship of some kind. You may have wondered why or what to do when life hurts.  The Old Testament Book of Job gives unique insights into themes of friendship, gratitude, suffering, and what it looks like to trust God's faithfulness in the midst of challenging times.

Advent: A Joyful Hope

It can seem like peace, hope and love and especially JOY can be hard to find in this tumultuous time.  Yet we can’t just rush forward toward Dec 24 or 25 and expect that a magic switch will flip and a kind of joyful hope will settle over our lives.  The Advent season is about getting ready. So this year, we'll be exploring exploring different characters in the original Christmas story and how they fought for and found joy in the midst of challenging situations.