Proximity is a  community of students in Grades 8 to 12.

Proximity Summer 2021

For this season we will be having casual park nights as we enjoy our warm summer evenings! These park nights are a great way to get to know us as it will be in a casual setting, it will be a safe space to have fun or just to hang out. For details on the event, please click on the title of the event in the schedule below. 


Thursday July 22nd, 7pm - Movie Night

Thursday July 29th, 7pm - Park Night

Thursday August 26th, 7pm - Park Night 

Normally we meet up three times a month, and will return to that schedule routine in the Fall.


Minecrafters! We have our own server up and running, this is a safe space for students to show-off their creation, explore and do projects together! Check out our Minecraft vlog, as we give you an inside look of what is happening at Proximity.

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