FUEL (Gr 4-7)

Fuelling a love for God, Fun, and Friendship.

Who are we?

Fuel is our preteen ministry for kids from grades 4 to 7. We meet to learn how to read our bibles and follow Jesus, to ask questions, play games, and support each other. We hope you come and try it out!

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January 2024 changes

This year we are working to rebuild and redefine our Fuel program on Sunday mornings during our gathering. Previously we met on Monday nights but this year we have decided to move our main programming to Sunday mornings so we can provide a space for our preteens to worship with their pears during the gathering. We also try to plan the occasional Fuel Fun Day to just hang out and play lazer tag, do random gym games, board games, or other fun things (sign up for our news letter to stay up to date). If you're interested in helping out with this group on Sunday mornings we'd love to hear form you. email  and Danny would love to talk with you. 

Why Preteen ministry?

Life as a pre-middle schooler and middle schooler can be a little tricky (or a lot tricky!). We get that. We've found that friendships can get a little more tricky, school can begin to be more demanding, not to mention the mental and physical growth. With more independence and maturity comes a growing list of expectations and responsibilities that can be exciting and exhausting. Our preteens have let us know that sometimes they just need to have the responsibilities and weight lifted for a bit so they can just be a kid, other times they want more challenge and space to lead and grow. 

At Fuel our goal is to create a space where preteens can meet Jesus in the mix of all that and discover God's voice and words for them. We try to make space for a good belly laugh, deep conversations, silly conversations, and a good game at most of our times together. 
We hope you feel welcome here. We’re excited to get to know you!

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