Youth Ministry


Proximity is a multi-church community of students in Grades 7 to 12. We meet every Thursday from 7-9 at Mountainview Alliance Church (7640 200th Street). 

Proximity Nights

Proximity nights happen two Thursday evenings in a row. The first night is full of games, prizes, and music. At the end of the night we talk about who Jesus is, what He did, and how He changes our lives. The second of these two nights is a discussion-based night where we dig deeper into God’s Word, chat about life, and pray for each other.

Proximity is finished for the Summer but returns September 14th!

Proximity CG

Proximity CG (Community Groups) happens the next two weeks following Proximity nights. On these nights Jericho Ridge meets with Mountainview Alliance. We will be going through questions about faith, God, Jesus, and life that the students have.

Proximity CG is finished for the summer but returns September 21st!

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The Source (Gr 5-8)

The Source is a dedicated time for students in Grades 5-8 that happens twice a month during the teaching time on Sundays. At Source we meet together to read God’s Word and see what He is saying to us before we split into two smaller groups to apply what God has said to us and pray for each other. Some Sundays we may go out and serve others to show God’s love to our community. Source aims to develops four branches in students’ lives: God’s Word, Prayer, Community, and Service.

The Source is finished for the summer but will return in September

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