Youth Ministry

Proximity is a multi-church community of students in Grades 7 to 12. We meet every Thursday from 7-9 p.m. at Mountainview Alliance Church (7640 200th Street). 

Proximity Nights

Proximity nights typically happen on the first and second Thursdays of the month. The first Thursday is full of games, prizes, and music. At the end of the night we talk about who Jesus is, what He did, and how He changes our lives. The second Thursday is a discussion-based night where we dig deeper into God’s Word, chat about life, and pray for each other.

 Check our calendar online or the schedule below for all of our Proximity dates!

Proximity CG

Proximity CG (Community Groups) typically happen on the third and fourth Thursdays of the month. On these nights Jericho Ridge meets with Mountainview Alliance. We will be going through questions about faith, God, Jesus, and life that the students have.

Check our calendar online or the schedule below for Proximity CG dates!

Proximity Special Events

On months where there is a fifth Thursday we will be having a special event where we go off site to just have a great time together. These special events will be listed on our calendar online and may require registration.

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Proximity April to May 2018

Thursday, April 5th - Apex Adventure Park ($35 6:00-9:30)
Thursday, April 12th - Bible Baseball
Thursday, April 19th - Proximity CG - Healing Prayer
Thursday, April 26th - Proximity CG - Rapture?
Thursday, May 3rd - Air Band Competition
Friday, May 4th - Star Wars Day (1:00-9:00 @ Riverside Calvary Chapel 20178 96 Ave).
Thursday, May 10th - Quidditch Tournement
Saturday, May 19th - Proximity CG - Outdoor Prayer (1:00-4:00)
Thursday, May 24th - Proximity CG - Reflection Prayer

Source is our small group for students in Grades 7-9.

We have been greatly encouraged by the growth of faith in our youth this past year. We want to see them grow deeper in relationship with God and deeper in relationship with those at Jericho, so this year for Source we are going to focus in on service.

We want to plug every Grade 7-9 student into discipleship serving positions where they will serve alongside others in positions such as facilities, media, worship, greeting, etc. Then we
will meet together every three weeks or so to reflect on our experiences and for a devotional time. Check our calendar online for dates when our Source group will be meeting.

Have any questions? E-mail Mike Ryder ( )